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My Top Six Reasons Why Many Bloggers Don’t Make Money!

I stumbled into blogging accidentally way back to 2009 when I was searching for some ideas and ways to make money online. When I learned the idea, I was too excited and did a lot of research – reading blogs and watching video tutorials for more or less two weeks before I took action creating my very first blog in blogger/blogspot platform.

The thing is that, I thought it was easy because it seems that other people are making hundreds of dollars already from their blogs sharing their monthly income report. But I was mistaken. It took me few months to discover what was the reason why I am not earning that much.

Inside this blog post, I am going to share to you some of the reasons why I was not earning from my blog and my observations why my fellow bloggers don’t make money from their blog as well.

1. Not Passionate on the Topic.

Follow Your Passion - Steve Jobs
If you want to make money online from your blog, it is not an exemption that you should be passionate and knowledgeable about the niche or topic that you want to talk about inside your blog.

This is because it will be one of the reasons if not the mean reason why you will quit along the way. If you love what you share in your blog, hindi ka mawawalan ng ideas kung ano ang isusulat mo. Take note, there will be times na mabu-burnout ka talaga for some reasons. And if you are not passionate, quitting might be your next option.

To avoid this, kumuha ka nang ballpen at papel and list down some things that you love to do and you would like to share to other people using your blog as the medium.

2. They Quit too Early.

Don't Quit
As I mentioned above, quitting might be your next option kung mauubusan ka nang topics na isi-share sa blog mo. Another reason why some bloggers quit early is that, they don’t have someone they idolized and followed their footsteps.

Noong nagsisimula pa lang ako, I saw a blogging segment video over YouTube. It was a segment from Mel and Joey Show of GMA 7. The blogger they interviewed is named Abe Olandres of and this is what he said na tumatak talaga sa aking puso’t isipan.

…it takes time and a lot of effort and a lot of patience…” ~ Abe Olandres –

Everytime na panghihinaan ako ng loob, binabalik-balikan kong panuurin yung video na yan at mamo-motivate ako ulit na magsulat. Paulit-ulit kong ginawa yun until I survived my first 6 months of blogging earning less than $5. Lol!

3. Too Focused on the Money Side.

Robert Kiyosaki

Yes. Initially, your intention of having a blog is to make money online. And if you give more focus on it, it will not make you earn more money from your hard efforts. I saw bloggers that put too much affiliate banners and ad links on their blog and pushed too many affiliate products to their list not realizing that their readers were going away slowly.

Providing VALUE to your readers will make you more money online. Because this people will also do the marketing for you aside that you are also connecting to them and build your authority as a solution provider to their problems.

4. Laziness.


Laziness is nothing more than a habit of resting before you get tired.

There are times that I feel lazy writing new content for my blog and feel lazy marketing the content that I wrote. Laziness sometimes caused by lack of motivation and the reason why bloggers started blogging in the first place.

Sometimes, it is also caused by confusion and lack of direction where a blogger wants to go. Or simply physically and mentally stressed and tired. So get some rest and do board mapping of what you want to do afterwards.

5. Lack of Vision and Planning.

Vision and Planning

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin

Many bloggers don’t take blogging more seriously as a business platform online. That’s why most of them failed to create an action plan to achieve their vision.

Having a VISION will remind you of what is your purpose why you start blogging and PLANNING will guide you how to make your vision come into reality.

To do this, you can do affirmation routine reciting your vision and mission before you start working on your blog. Believe me, you will attract the vibration of excitement that will make you feel good the whole moment of working on your online business.

6. Not Maximizing What They Have.

Maraming mga bloggers na na-stuck dahil wala silang technical skills, they don’t know how to write, wala silang magandang laptop o computer at iba pang mga reasons. Well sabi nga nila, “Kung gusto maraming paraan, kapag ayaw maraming dahilan.”

Don’t focus on the things that you don’t have yet. Instead, maximize the things that you can do and use the basic tools that you currently have in your hands.

In my first week of blogging, writing is a huge wall for me. It really is a huge challenge because I don’t know how to write an article especially if it is written in English language. Pero sabi nga, there’s always a solution for a determined person. Yun lang ang nag-PUSH sa akin.

I am not techy, first year lang ang inabot ko sa college and I am no good in English. Nakakatawa nga eh kasi kahit first sentence nahihirapan talaga ako. At before ko lubusang maintindihan yung mga video tutorials, ebooks, blogs na binasabasa ko, kailanga ko pa itong ulit-ulitin at least three times. Determinado eh. 🙂

Conclusion: Attitude.

In the end, ATTITUDE is really everything. Even if you think you can’t do it yourself. Marami akong nakikitang mga taong nagsipagtapos ng pag-aaral but still haven’t reach their goals they want to achieve in life.

Why? Because attitude is the key ingredient to successfully bake the recipe called goals or shall we say your dream in life.

I know marami pa ang dapat kong ilista sa blog post na ito. For the mean time ito lang muna. I hope may natututunan ka sa blog post na ito kung nabasa mo nga lahat ang nasa itaas. Lol!

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Felix Albutra

Felix Albutra is a Freelance SEO Consultant, WordPress Web Designer and a Professional Blogger with 7 years of experience making a living online. Learn more about me here!

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  1. Salamat mr. Felix sa mga informative na na share mo dito sa blog mo it helps a lot to all filipino who love blogging like me… thank you so much.

  2. This is a wonderful ideas para mas marami pa ang mag blog dito sa pilipinas… thank you sir felix for your wonderful informations.

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