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How to Create a Blog (The Complete WordPress Setup Guide)

Indeed, everyday more and more Filipinos who are becoming more interested to dive into blogging for various intentions. But what keep this people being stuck and not started their own blog is that they don’t know how to create a blog because they think that it is too technical for them to handle.

Well, if you are reading this blog post now sasabihin ko sayo, “MADALI LANG ANG PAGGAWA NG BLOG”. Sundin mo lang ang mga simpleng procedures sa ibaba and in the end you will have your own blog that you can be proud of.

Tools to Build Your WordPress Blog.

To create a blog, you need to have the following essential tools para ma-launch mo ang iyang professionally-built WordPress blog. Acturally, there are two platforms for you to build a blog.

There is the free one which is not advisable if you want to build an online business. And if you are serious in making serious cash online, using self-hosted WordPress as your blogging platform is highly recommended.

1. Domain Name.

The domain name will be your address in the web. And example of a domain name is like this, “”. If people will try to find your content online, they will just type your domain name on their web browser.

There are many companies online that are selling domain names but in this case, I am suggesting you buy your domain name at because I will give you a graphical guide on how to connect your domain to your hosting server later.

2. Hosting Server.

The hosting server will be your storage in the cloud that will host and save all the files of your website. Your domain name is connected to your hosting server that will serve as the locator of those files in your browser. Kakaluka diba? Move on na lang tayo. Lol!

To buy a hosting account, I will recommend you buy it over because of their quality service. I will also use a graphical representation on how to connect your hosting to your domain name. Inside the Bluehost cPanel, I will guide you on to install WordPress in just a few clicks.

Getting Started.

After you buy those essential tools mentioned above, we are now ready to get started in creating your very first WordPress website. Take note, you can’t build a self-hosted WordPress site if you don’t have those materials above. So let’s get started!

1. Connect Your Domain Name to Your Hosting.

Open your Namecheap account dashboard and click the “Manage” button in the right side of your domain name. See the image below.

Namecheap Dashboard

After clicking the manage button, you will see the image below. Scroll down and look for the “NAMESERVERS” highlighted in grey. Beside the dropdown menu, choose the “Custom DNS” option.

Put the following Bluehost DNS in the boxes below it – and See the image below. Click the image to make it big.

Namecheap Dashboard

After you pasted the Bluehost DNS, save it by clicking the green checkmark in the right side. And you are done working on your Namecheap setup. Let’s work on adding your custom domain name to your hosting account. Let’s do it!

2. Assign Your Domain to Bluehost.

You are doing great! Now, login to your Bluehost cPanel. Click the Domains tab and click the assign tab in the sub-menu. See the image below. Click it to make it big.

ssign Your Domain to Bluehost

ssign Your Domain to Bluehost

3. Install WordPress.

Go back to your Bluehost hosting dashboard and look for the website directory where you can find the Install WordPress button. See the image below.

Installing WordPress

After you click the button above, you will now see the page in the image below. If you don’t, click this link instead. (Make sure you logged in). Then select the domain name that you want to install the WordPress software and click the next green button and you will redirected to the page that looks like below and finally click the Install button.

Installing WordPress

Wooh! That’s it. You have successfully installed WordPress. The page should look like below.

Installing WordPress

4. Install WordPress Theme.

After you have done installing your first WordPress blog, login inside your WP Dashboard and go to the Appearance > Themes tab located in the left side of the page. See the image below.

Installing WordPress

Once you are inside the WP Theme Dashboard, click the add new button above and you will be given some choices on which WordPress Theme you want to use in your blog. Click your choice and click the Install button.

Installing WordPress

My Last Words for this Tutorial.

Congratulations! You now have your WordPress blog created. In the end, you still have lots of works to do. You still have to optimize your blog according to your specifications – design and functions.

In the next blog post, I am going to share to you how to search engine optimized your WordPress blog and make it Google friendly. I would also encourage you to LIKE my Facebook page and become updated to the latest blogging tips.

If you have more questions or experienced some difficulties upon installing your WordPress blog, don’t hesitate to comment below.

-Felix Albutra


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