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About the Author and this Blog.

Hi there! My name is Felix Albutra and I am a Freelance Digital Marketing offering services such as SEO Link Building and WordPress Web Design for small businesses from the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Currently, I have a small digital marketing agency called NZT Interactive. You might want to visit our website to confirm my credibility Lol! Anyway, kidding. I re-launched this blog to share my experiences both the rise and the fall of my journey as a digital marketer, blogging and an entrepreneur.

NZT Interactive

I first discovered blogging last December of 2008 and start my journey on January of 2009. Blogging has been my training ground to develop my technical skills, learn more information about internet marketing and most of all make money online. Learn How Blogging Changed My Life 360 Degrees! Click that link above just in case that you wanna know my MMK Story Lol!

If you are thinking that blogging is too technical for you or you might think that you can’t do blogging because you are not an I.T. Graduate or something, I will tell you directly and frankly, IT DOESN’T MATTER!

What you need to have is the ATTITUDE and the BURNING DESIRE to experience the so-called Laptop Lifestyle. You might be wondering this all about.

The Laptop Lifestyle will give you the opportunity to work or build your business online. In which you can run your business using your computer or para mas magandang pakinggan, laptop. Lol!

Makakaya Mo Bang Gawin Ito?

I have been working online as a Freelance SEO – Link Building Consultant and a Web Design since 2010. But the challenge is that, I am not an I.T. graduate nor a college graduate to achieve what I am today.

When I got started, I only have the ATTITUDE as what I am saying above. I just love to learn new things. While my friends playing Conquer Online and Dota, I am also busy reading blogs about how to make money online and other relevant stuffs. After that, I do Massive Action to apply the knowledge that I got.

Gaano Katagal Bago Ako Kumita?

When I got started, I don’t focus on the earnings. I was focusing acquiring new skills and honing it to the next level I could. I am not a good article writer especially if it is written in English language. But I just don’t mind instead I continue what I have to do everyday thinking that tomorrow is the judgement day of the earth. Yes, that was my mindset during that time. 🙂

Marami akong sinubukan para kumita online. I’ve tried PTC or paid to click. I earned my first $3 there. Ang saya ko kasi totoo pala na kikita tayo online. Then I joined blog commenting contest and won $10. That money that was sent to my Paypal account is the amount that I bought my very first custom domain name –

affiliate commission dashboard

Kulang-kulang 8 months, I made my very first affiliate commission. Na-experience ko na ring ma-deactivate ang Google Adsense account ko for some syndicated reasons. hahaha. Uso kasi noon ang exchange click ng Google Adsense.

Then May of 2010, someone got interested to buy this blog and I sold it for $550. That’s the time that I immediately start a new blog using self-hosted WordPress. To my surprise, the person who bought my blog offered me a job updating this blog. I was able to make $150 per month. Then more opportunity came until I built my portfolio and my network.

Ay grabeh! Nakaka-excite. Ang haba na nang sinulat ko. hahaha… Sana ay may naintindihan ka sa mga pa-English epek sa taas. Kung ikaw ay may mga katanungan, you can contact me or you may want to subscribe to my list for exclusive newsletters that I will be sending to your email inbox.

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